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These 2 product developments make the ValkPro+ even better!

In dit bericht vertellen we u graag meer over twee productontwikkelingen op het gebied van kabelmanagement. Met deze compleet nieuwe hulpstukken wordt de ValkPro+ nóg beter.

Below, you can find out more about the new plastic cable clamp and the sunken dilatation wire!

Development 1: Plastic cable clamp

Using fastening grips, the plastic cable clamp clicks around the aluminium back foot of the ValkPro+ system. The clamp ensures that the electric wiring of the photovoltaic system can be fastened safely and easily to the back feet of the ValkPro+ system. 

Wat zijn de pluspunten?

The plastic cable clamp can be quickly fastened to the aluminium foot, beforehand or afterwards.

The electric wiring can be neatly concealed.

Easy mounting
The shape and position are such that the steel back plates of the system can be mounted over the clamp (South configuration).

Development 2: Sunken dilatation wire

The 2nd new development for the ValkPro+ is the sunken dilatation wire. The electric wiring of the photovoltaic system can be suspended to this wire free of the roof surface in those positions in which there is a dilatation in the ValkPro+ system.

What are the plus points?

Due to its length, the wire can bridge the distance between adjacent systems.

Can compensate for variation caused by expansion or shrinkage of the system.

Easy mounting
Can be installed quickly and easily in the plastic cable clamp.