Prevent bird's nests under the PV-panels? Available at Van der Valk Solar Systems: the BirdBlocker! Easy to install on almost any type of framed PV-panel, the BirdBlocker will ensure birds will need to go elsewhere to build their nests.

The output from the panels decreases when the natural ventilation beneath the panels is restricted by twigs and other nest material. The hotter the panels get, the lower the efficiency. There is even an increased risk of fire. There is also no more noise pollution from birds between the roof and the solar panels. The twigs may also cause scratches on the back sheet of the panel, resulting in earth leakage errors. BirdBlocker offer 99% certainty that birds will not go underneath your PV-panels. Mounting the BirdBlocker strips on framed PV-panels is quick and easy, thanks to the specially developed clamp brackets. Screws or glue should not be used, as the warranty of your PV-panels can be compromised.

Birds simply should not get the chance to nest there.