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ValkPitched - Clamp

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Unique to this system:

  • Clamp system with universal mid- and end-panel clamps (H 28-50 mm)
  • Clamp positions on the long side of the panel, in both Portrait and Landscape configurations
  • Logistical benefit due to short profile lengths
  • If desired, longer lengths are also available
  • Connector of the same strength as the profile, so there are no weak spots

The ValkPitched – Clamp can be used for all types of roofs. Its innovative and strong clamping ensures a quick and reliable fixation.

The Side++ profiles with adjustable, universal panel clamps are available in plain aluminium, semi-black and full black versions. They are especially strong and long enough to bridge large spans and are suitable for directly mounting extra wide, high-power panels.

For roofs with a finished surface like bitumen, EPDM or PVC, there are two solutions depending on the presence of insulation.

Cold roofs” do not have any insulation under the roof covering, and we use special roof hooks for them. These hooks can be screwed to the roof and then sealed with a waterproof finish.

Warm roofs” have insulation laid directly under the roof covering, so we use special consoles. These consoles are secured to the roof structure with anchors and assembled in a watertight manner if necessary. This allows compensation for variations in the thickness of the insulation.

Glass panels

Besides the conventional solar panels with a frame, solar panels without a frame can also be attached using glass clamps.

Free software

With our free to use software, the ValkPVplanner, you can generate a complete project calculation with a list of items and a project-specific installation guide in easy steps.

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Customer talking

'The pitched roof system is perfect thanks to its universal components. Pre-mounted components save time and give installation technicians more time to find appropriate solutions for complicated roofs.'


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